Long Term Care in Palm Desert, CA

If you are a senior or someone getting close to senior years in Palm Desert, California, you may be looking at the possibility of getting long term care . This is an option that many seniors consider and it can help them live their life with more independence and dignity. It’s also something that can help you save money on your future healthcare costs. If you have concerns about this topic, we want to address some of those questions here. We will talk about what long term care means for seniors, how it works and what you need to know before making any decisions.

What Is Long-Term Care?

Long term care is a type of medical care that helps people who are older than 65 get around better, stay healthy and maintain their quality of life. There are different types of long term care services available depending on the needs of the individual. For example, there are assisted living facilities where residents receive 24 hour nursing care, memory care where they learn new skills and activities, rehabilitation centers where patients work on physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, adult daycare programs where seniors go to socialize and do arts and crafts, home health aides where caregivers come into the home to provide assistance with bathing, dressing and other daily tasks, and skilled nursing facilities where nurses are on staff to assist with wound care, medication management and other medical issues.

How Does Long Term Care Work?

The first step in receiving long term care is to determine if you qualify for Medicaid. You must meet certain income requirements and be eligible for Medicare benefits. Once you have been approved by Medicaid, you will then apply for long term care insurance through private companies like AARP or MetLife. These policies cover most of the cost of long term care. They usually require a monthly premium and a deductible. After paying these two amounts, you pay a percentage of the remaining balance each month until the policy has paid out its entire benefit amount.

Who Needs Long Term Care?

There are several reasons why seniors might choose to use long term care services. Some of the most common include:

• To remain independent as possible

• To avoid going back to a hospital or nursing facility

• To reduce stress from worrying about finances

• To spend time doing things they enjoy

• To protect against financial hardship

Why Choose Long Term Care?

While long term care can be expensive, it can also be very beneficial. The main reason seniors should seriously consider using long term care is because it gives them the opportunity to live independently while still being able to take part in all aspects of society. In addition, it allows them to maintain their lifestyle without having to worry about finances. Finally, it provides peace of mind knowing that when they need help, there will be someone there to help them.